The Good Good Friday Run 

No surprises here, but the Good Good Friday run, is a running event that takes place on Good Friday every year. This year the date is Friday 18 April. So before you start to overload with Easter Eggs, there is a great opportunity to get some plus points by taking part in this FREE running event.

Organised by The Jog Shop and the Brighton Sports Company, we meet at the top of the zig zag path that runs from the Undercliff to the cliff tops and is located at the bottom of Marina Way. It starts at 4pm with a leisurely group run along the cliff tops from Brighton Marina to Peachaven. This is done at the speed of the slowest runner and is very social affair, so you’ll be able to catch up on all the latest running gossip.

Once we reach the fence at Peacehaven there is a few minutes to arrange everything, the obligatory group photo and then it is a straight time trial back to the zig zag path at Brighton Marina. The run is all off road and is undulating due to the ups and downs of the white cliffs that form the course.

The total distance of the run, there and back, is about 12km.

This being a free event, there are no marshals, goody bags or any of the other facilities you’d expect from a paid event, but we will endeavour to collect every runner’s time for the run back from Peacehaven to the marina.

So come along, it’s a great way to start the summer season, meet other runners and get the latest news on upcoming events. Did we mention it’s also free.



The Brighton Tandem 5 Miler Run

Running is a solitary sport, you may occasionally train with a group, but when it comes to racing there isn’t very often the chance to work as a team like in many other sports.

This is where the Brighton Tandem 5 Miler on Sunday 1 June might be a refreshing change to the standard running events that you enter the rest of the year. Never wanting to decry these events, as they are what the sport has been built upon, the Brighton Sports Company, along with The Jog Shop are very excited to be bringing you this new event for 2014.

This run, as the tandem name may suggest, is all about running with a partner. It is based around a time trial format where teams of two will start at set times and then run the five miles together. There is no point in leaving your partner out there on the course and meeting them back at the finish as the only time taken is of the second person to cross the line so you are better off working together.

Unless, you have a fierce competition with your training partner and have always looked for that event to set you up for the perfect mano et mano competition. No crowds to dodge through and no chip time to wait for, just the pair of you and the open road, first one back wins.

But, for most people we realise that this is the perfect opportunity to run with someone else. Take pace, encourage and cajole through to the finish line. Maybe you’ll run faster as a pair, maybe you just make it to the finish line when you never thought you would. You may be partners, friends or a personal trainer and client, this run is all about the two of you. All prizes and recorded times will be of the completed pair, there will be no individual times recorded.

Set in perhaps one of the most scenic locations a run can be, you will start next to Brighton Marina and run out along the top of the White Cliffs eastward towards RottingdeanVillage. Majestic views over the English Channel and along the coast are provided on route. From there, it’s down on to the Undercliff Walk and a 180 degree turnaround back towards Brighton Marina and the finish. Here you will be running at the foot of the towering white cliffs and if the sun is shining, will likely forget that you are actually still in the UK for a minute.

So, if you’re looking for an original format run in a great setting at great value then look no further than the Brighton Tandem 5 Miler on Sunday 1 June.

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